Rent A Car AutoRuler - Rental Conditions



Potential users:

Vehicles can be rented by drivers from 18 to 69 years of age.


Needed documents:

The rental customer needs a valid driver's license, ID card and passport.


Minimum rental vehicle:

The customer can rent a vehicle for a minimum of 24 hours with the rental extension if the rented vehicle has no further reservations. After the expiration of the contract, the client is obliged to return a vehicle to the agency 24h from the day when the vehicle was issued with a maximum delay of 120min / 2h, after which an additional day will be charged to the hirer.


Long-term rental vehicle:

User (legal entity or individual) may rent a vehicle for a maximum of 90 days with the occasional reporting to rent a vehicle agency to check the technical safety of the vehicle.



Payment can be made through a company account, credit card, or cash



The deposit is not obligatory and is left only for vehicles listed in the lux class (eg: Porsche, Audi, BMW, ...), card pre-authorization or in cash determined by the agency on the day when the vehicle will be issued. The agency returns the deposit on the day of the end of the lease agreement.


Demage to the vehicle caused by rental:

Damage or theft of the vehicle rented by the client, the breaking of glass, the loss of keys, the document, leaseholder any other authorized person specified in the contract shall be liable.

In the event of an accident, damage or theft of a vehicle, the customer is obliged to proceed as follows:

Immediately notify AutoRuler Rent a car.

Immediately notify police immediately - 192.

Immediately notify Emergency if injured - 194.

To record information about other participants and the accident.

To fill out an accident report /damage report and submit a record of incurred rent a car agency upon returning the vehicle.


Penalties caused by rental:

Traffic fines, Utility fines, Parking fines incurred while renting a vehicle will be charged to the rental user. If there are administrative fees, the client is obliged to pay the agency a fee of 1075 dinars+VAT.


User restrictions:

It is forbidden to give a rental vehicle for use by unauthorized persons, persons not registered in the lease contract. In these cases, if damage to the vehicle occurs, the insurance is not valid and the client listed as a driver on the contract is charged the full amount of damage or theft.

It is forbidden to drive an AutoRuler rent a car under the influence of alcohol, drugs. In these cases, insurance is not valid. The client is charged the full amount for caused damage / theft incurred by the authorized person.


Obligations of users:

The leaseholder is obliged to return a vehicle in its original condition as it was on the day it was taken over.

The leaseholder is obliged to return the fuel to the vehicle as it was seen on the day it was taken over.


Additional expenses:

GPS, snow chains, WiFi, are available to every user for an extra charge.

Washing the vehicle.

Full Casco Insurance.

Vehicle rentals outside business hours and public holidays are extra charged.

Vehicle rental outside Belgrade is charged 45 dinars per kilometer started.

Vehicle rental to your home address outside of business hours is charged 10 euro to the rental user.

Vehicle rental at Nikola Tesla Airport is charged in the evening 10 euro to the leaseholder.

Vehicle rental outside the Republic of Serbia, as well as returning a vehicle is charged according to the rules of Rent a car agency AutoRuler.